Is your platform safe to use?

We take our retailers' security very seriously! ShareRails takes all precautionary measures necessary to ensure information is safely stored in our system. Our platform simply needs read-only access to your inventory reports.

I already have an e-commerce store, can your service still benefit me?

Yes! We create a digital mall catalog for your inventory but we redirect customers back to your site or store for purchases. Our catalog doesn't interfere with your current e-commerce store.

I'm not tech savvy can I still navgivate your platform?

Of course! There are only a few steps required to get you up and running, and our directions are easy to understand. Additionally, ShareRails is a full-service team that can do everything for you if you need help.

Is maintenance required once my inventory is uploaded?

We recommend a weekly update of your inventory (depending on turnover) to accurately reflect in stock inventory. Not to worry, ShareRails offers “set it and forget it” automation features which can be configured right from your POS system!