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Local merchants are missing out on millions of shopping searches each month because their inventory and other key store information isn't online. As a result, they don't appear in relevant search results and customers are unable to see products in stock without visiting their store.

ShareRails levels the digital playing field between e-commerce stores and brick-and-mortar stores by transforming local retailers' inventory data into rich digital content that is then indexed by Google and other search engines. ShareRails O2O cloud platform offers retail merchants inventory management, curation, and promotion features that can:

Make Products Discoverable

In stock products and promotions are instantly searchable online. Additionally, ShareRails creates digital product catalogs that enhance mall and merchant websites.

Make Inventory Discoverable:  In stock inventory and promotions are instantly searchable online. Additionally, ShareRails creates digital inventory catalogs for local merchants.

Drive Foot Traffic

Products appear in local search and social media results. Search results drive customers to your store by showing store directions, hours, and product details. 

Boost Customer Experience

The ability to have a continuous brand experience across devices ensures your customer has a personalized touch both in-store and in the digital world.



Onboarding Process


1/ Complete survey or setup consultation


2/ Provide Feed Template & Import Access


3/ Submit Product File


4/ Data Mapping & Feed QA


5/ Automate Feed Import


6/  Store in Cloud & Publish to Web

Recent Work

Searchable Mall

The Shops at South Town is one of the most innovative shopping malls in Utah. Through the ShareRails' O2O platform, they drive new customers to South Town mall stores and offer mall shoppers greater convenience. Searchable mall partners like South Town benefit from enhanced digital presence on Google, a rich searchable online mall product catalogue, digital campaigns, social media, product reviews and recommendations.

Influencer Network

ShareRails' "Searchable Mall" is more than search. With extensive experience in building influencer marketing solutions, ShareRails also offers solutions and services which allow retail merchants to take full advantage of the powerful influencer network.

Styled by Marie Claire

ShareRails's latest work is an innovative web and mobile solution that connects consumers to a community of reputable Marie Claire stylists. Consumers receive personalized style recommendations and purchase directly through the shoppable content.